Have Your Computer Checked For Free Today!

Have Your Computer Checked For Free Today!

Here at checkmycomputerforfree.com I will check your computer for free, let you know what is wrong and offer you a reasonably priced solution backed by my No Fix No Fee Guarantee.

I am based in Orlando Florida, USA  and always happy to help with your computer needs. Contact me (Robert) directly @ 407-718-8508 via phone, text or email me at cptrhlpr@yahoo.com for your free one on one consultation. Then if you like what you hear I will guide you to get connected and I will take a look at your computer issue absolutely free with no obligation.

*Free consultation available via phone, text or remote connection.


Please take a look at what others are saying to give you some idea of the work that I do. I have over 20 years of professional experience and I am an A+, Network+ and Microsoft Certified Technician.


*** Nationwide Remote Support ***
As long as you are able to connect to the internet, I can repair most issues remotely.

Please call or text to inquire.




Repair your computer right the first time with no data loss and minimal downtime. Most repairs can be done remotely so you don’t even need to leave your home.



Remove all of the threats from your computer so that you can get back to normal and use your computer without the worry that your information is at risk.


Install the most up to date antivirus protection to keep your computer free from future infections, plus provide you with tips on how to stay safe on the web.

Get Connected

• Flat Fee Pricing Special Full Diagnostic and Repair Service $150 Per Computer (Includes Virus, Spyware, Adware and Malware Removal and Protection)

• 30 Minute Quick Fix $60 Residential or $75 Commercial (Remote Only)

•Complete Virus Removal + Free Antivirus Software $125

•Computer Tune-Up and Clean-Up $75

•Operating System Repair Including Blue Screens, Black Screen with Cursor and Boot Issues $150+

•Password Removal – $65

•Guided Hardware Install and Setup (varies)

•Software Install and Setup (varies)

•Secure Wireless Install and Setup (up to 3 devices) $150

•Wireless Internet Repair (varies)

•Remote Printer Setup and Configuration $75 (remote)

•Basic Computer Use Training

•Teach You How to Fix Your Own Computer $399 (Up to 4 Hours + 30 Days Support)

$150 PER COMPUTER (Remote)
($300+ VALUE)***

Currently I am offering a full diagnostic and repair service, which will include the following:

Includes removal of all infections from your system saving your most valuable files and information from harm and ensuring you can enjoy a safe computer experience without the worry of losing your files or personal information to hackers.

Includes the latest Virus and Malware Protection Software with an unlimited subscription and free updates.

Includes Disk Drive Check to make sure your disk is working as it should and that there are no errors on it that can potentially cause you to lose your data in the future; Disk Defrag which will speed up your system and allow your programs to open more rapidly; Registry Cleaner which will also help with performance and ensure your computer is free from unneeded clutter; Trim your Startup Items so that only necessary programs run as your computer starts up, which will allow your computer to start faster so you can begin to use it right away; Check and Removal of Unnecessary Processes and Scheduled Items which will also enhance your computers performance and free up memory for the programs you choose to run.

Download and install all current critical updates to Windows to ensure your computer is up to date.

Create a System Restore Point so that in the event you have another issue in the future you will be able to restore your computer to a working condition.

Geek Squad offers Virus Removal and Updates alone for up to $249 in home. The above Full Service Bundle offers much more and saves you $$$ over Geek Squad and I offer Same Day Service.




Please Call, Text or Email


Robert was very professional, efficient, and affordable. He solved our computer problems and explained everything in layman’s terms. Once we brought the system home we were having issues getting connected. We reached out to Robert who was readily available and he connected remotely to assist us. He was very patient, walked us through trial and error scenarios, and answered all of our questions. He didn’t rush us off the phone even though it was Sunday evening.
We will definitely be using him in the future.

Thanks Robert,
Von and Leah

This guy, Robert Hernandez, is a WHIZ with fixing anything computer related!!! When my computer completely crashed because of viruses about a month ago, he had it fixed and working better than when I first bought the computer brand new! It only took him about two hours. Earlier tonight, he miraculously got my wireless network working again. I have been trying to fix it for a week! He is reliable, professional and should be able to fix any problems you may have. He can help you out no matter WHERE you live in the US. Those of you who know me, know I don’t normally put out things like this…but I’m just so impressed with this guy and his skills that I couldn’t resist sharing his info with all my family and friends.

Nice work,


I wanted to share an experience that I had recently with a computer technician that was second to none!! I contracted Mr. Robert Hernandez at 407.718.8508 to fix my computer several days ago. He not only was very responsive in diagnosing what exactly was wrong with it, but he was quick in fixing the problem as well!! I brought him the computer on my lunch break and by the time I got off work at six, he was completely done and had it ready for me. I was very impressed with his service and speed. My girlfriend even mentioned, when we picked it up, how thoughtful it was that he had wrapped the computer in a bag because it was raining outside. I will be using his services in the future, as well as, referring all my coworkers and friends to him as well!!!



I want to thank you for your outstanding service to resolve my computer problems. You arrived right on time and went to work. I did not realize I had so many bad things on my computer that needed to be removed. There were many times when I thought that I needed to have someone check it out. I am so glad now that I waited and had the opportunity to allow you to do this for me. It is comforting to me to know I can call on you to assist me with any questions or problems I may have anytime in the future.

In addition to taking care of my computer problems, you were also very willing and able to help me with hooking up my battery backup power device, fingerprint reader, automatic backup device, camera and camera docking station. You made sure everything was working properly before you left.

It was a pleasure to work with you and I really do appreciate all the work that you did for me.



I recently built custom gaming computer for one of my customers and right after PC was done I came across the problem with this computer. The issue was …. computer would hard freeze any time during installation or sometimes even when online or doing some other tasks. I tried to replace parts and check if any part is faulty but all I have done did not show any problem with parts so after I tested everything I could, the problem was still there. I went online and I found web page of Robert Hernandez so I called him right away and after short conversation and explanation he agreed to check on this computer and try to fix the problem. It was Sunday morning and I was very surprised that he would work on it on Sunday and possibly have it fixed on same day.

I brought the computer to his house and after couple hours He called me back saying everything is done and there is no more problem whatsoever. Honestly, I am very happy and satisfied with Mr. Hernandez’s service and I would recommend his services to anybody in future. All necessary work has been done and most importantly the problem was fixed. The rate was unexpansive and service was fast and done perfectly!!! Very good job Mr. Robert Hernandez. I will definitely keep your card in my wallet and if I have any other problems in the future, I will contact you for sure. Thank you again.



I would like to thank you so much for fixing my computer and getting me out of a crisis. Without your help I suspect I would have lost a lot of very valuable documents and time. You may recall; I am starting a business and have all the planning, projections, communications and legal documents on this computer which were not regularly backed up at the time. What really impressed me was; you fixed what was there rather than formatting and stating over, as most “repair shops” want to do. That alone saved me many hours and frustration in getting back to work. The other aspect was how quickly you finish the job. I truly am impressed and will be a client for years to come. Feel free to use this letter with your future clients to reassure them they have found someone who does what he says and does the right thing for his clients.

Thank You,


First of all I would like to say thank you for rejuvenating my three year old computer. Not only did you fix it perfectly, but you also delivered way before you promised. What wonderful customer service you have. My computer runs just like when I purchased it three years ago. No more freezing up. Whenever my friends and relatives need to fix their computer I will definitely refer them to you. I changed my mind about buying a new computer because I already have a new one right now (you made it like new). Now I don’t have to worry about getting a computer at least for the next couple of years.

Thanks again,

Solomon B.

I would like to thank you very much for your timely assistance with my hard drive crash. Your knowledge, ability to solve my problems, and willingness to act quickly and explain my problem in layman’s terms really made an impression on me. Now I know who to call for fast, reliable, and affordable computer repair.

Thank you ever so much.


Definitely recommended, fast service and great job. Reasonably priced and trust worthy. He followed up even after original work was done.


The computer runs great now, it’s a joy to have it back up and running.



When I got my new computer it did not have any Antivirus and there were a bunch of junk programs on it. Right out of the box it was running slow. Robert got it zipping along in no time at all and even installed a free Antivirus for me. I never expected him to fix the issues so quickly, on the same day. He is the best and a pleasure to talk to. I always have his number close by now just in case.

Thanks so much,


This guy really knows his stuff. When I first called him I had already spoken with several other techs and no one could figure out how to fix my issue without reloading my computer. I actually bet him $200 that he would never be able to figure it out. Well guess what? I owe him $200


When I got that popup screen that said my computer is being scanned and it locked me out I knew there was trouble. I use my computer for my business and I needed it up and running ASAP and without losing a thing. I called up Robert and explained the situation to him and he said to drop it off and he would have it back to me by early afternoon. Honestly I did not believe this at all because I have heard that before and most places will not give your computer back the same day and if they do they would probably call it an EMERGENCY service, format your hard drive and charge you double. I am happy to say that my computer was fixed as good as new on the same day with no loss of data at all and with no extra fee.

Thanks for keeping your promise,


I had an ugly virus on my computer that would not let me work. Luckily I had taken down Robert’s number a few days earlier from craigslist. He said in his ad that he only supported certain areas but that he also could fix things remotely. I have never tried this remote thing before but I decided to give it a shot. He was actually able to get me connected and then he actually took control of my computer and fixed it right before my eyes. My family and I watched in awe while he zoomed around the screen. All I can say is “WOW” that was amazing, you really did it.


My kids are always messing up the computer downloading songs and movies and stuff. I knew there was something wrong when I tried to log into my online class and got an error message and some pop ups. Then I noticed that all my desktop icons disappeared and I could no longer run any programs. At that point I thought I would be buying a new computer. That’s when I decided to give you a call and I am sure glad that I did. Within just a few hours you had my computer up and running better then it ever did and you even cleaned all the dust out.

Thanks so much,


Just wanted to thank you again for taking care of the printing/computer issue I had with my business. Great job. You were thorough, listened to my problem and were able to solve it very easily at an affordable rate. I would recommend you to anyone that had a computer issue!!!

Thanks again,


I was stressed out at not being able to pay for the renewal of my license online and also to download a ticket to an expensive event !! I called my computer technician Mr. Hernandez and he was able to take control of my computer remotely and quickly guide me through the steps to perform the tasks I needed to do and that I had literally spent hours trying to accomplish myself!! The man knows what he’s doing and I would recommend him to my friends in a heartbeat!!

Thanks again!! Mr. Hernandez!! 🙂


“We have been so pleased with Robert’s work. His response time is top notch as well as his commitment to making sure that we are up and running again with very little wait time. This really helps with running a small business. He is even able to repair most computer needs remotely without the wait time of driving to the office/home making this super convenient. I highly recommend Robert for anyone’s computer needs!”



I live in Windermere I was having problems with my computer I had a virus and called all around Orlando, Dr. Phillips ,Altamonte Springs. There are companies out there that will clean or remove viruses from your computer for a small fortune . Fortunately I reached Robert and he took the virus off of my computer (wireless via the web ) . I did not leave my home I did not have to unplug the computer and go through all of those wires!! My computer is working excellent, thank you so much and I didn’t give him a arm and a leg to do it! Great specials too.

Thank you so much!,


I would like to thank you for your fast and knowledgeable help with my Windows Home Server problems. For months I was unable to get the server to properly back up my computers. I tried to work out the solution myself without avail. After contacting you, your fast response got my server software issues cleared up. Without your knowledgeable assistance I would have given up and spent additional money for a fix that I did not need.

Thank you as always,


Robert returned my initial call quickly and fixed my computer in a timely fashion—within 24 hours! While keeping me updated during the whole process, I would definitely recommend him for any computer services. My computer is running great and I would definitely use him again for any computer needs in the future.

Stephanie from winter garden

Computer Helper Robert Hernandez was a great help when my fan broke in my computer and needed replaced. He picked up my computer within 20 minutes from my call & spoke with me one on one (even opened up my computer to show me where the problem was!) but I was most impressed with how fast he was & how reasonable his price was for the repair! Couldn’t find any other computer technician in town who would match his price! An hour or two later I found myself picking up my computer and it worked perfectly!

I highly recommend Robert Hernandez the computer helper if you need computer repair in central Florida!